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I enjoy learning and working with technology. I also really enjoy reading, helping people, hanging out with my 5 year old and generally trying to make the world a better place where I can.

Alex Kiss

Check out "brave".

Alex Kiss

Playing Pokemon GO: Don't judge me!

Alex Kiss

Brutal Honesty

4 min read

I wake up this morning as I do most mornings, with a nagging thought.

I do what I normally do because I suffer an amazing lack of self-confidence: I hit up one of my buddies and run it by him to see if it's actually valid or just more of my pie-in-the-sky type stuff.


Full disclosure: I can get a bit weird sometimes in terms of what I will accept as a "good idea".

So anyway, a little more about me. When I say that I am an "enthusiast", in tech terms, I mean someone who has done some intermediate Systems Administration work, mostly support though... self taught, no real discernable special power,,, unless curiosity counts. I mean I cant really code anything or build anything or whatever. I can fix stuff though so I have done alright for myself, all things considered, just doing that. 

Then the family happened. The spawn arrived happily (nearly) five years ago and priorities changed like "whoa". I realize we're gonna need a bigger boat in terms of my "technical skill-set" and start trying to pivot from my current (at the time) role in support to more of a development type deal.

See, the one thing I have learned and the one thing that helped me survive this long is this singular quality. My buddy and first real geek buddy taught me how to RTFM. Every day for summers out of school at a time I would hang out with my buddy, who spent all his time working at a local ISP and repairing PCs when not listening to The Cure or riding around in his vintage hearse (Reminds me, i need to find a picture). 

So naturally I look at what is in demand, what's currently being used for what and what is, or would be, most useful to focus on in terms of subject matter to master over the near future.

I do this because I am:

  • Poor
  • Intelligent
  • Technically Inclined
  • Bored

I come up with a short list and set about trying to teach my self to code.....

That was five years ago. 

Almost as soon as you could say server-side javascript, there were all these schools and boot camps and books and junk like that.... All the typical promises: "Learn Javascript in a weekend!" "Become a Fullstack Developer in 13 weeks!". Crap like that.

I don't want to throw stones here or anything. That shit is probably fantastic but IMHO, if you're trying to learn to code on your own you cant pay anyone 1400.00 to try and drill it in to you in a couple of weeks.

Furthermore, you likely have to work a shit job just to eat so you cant just jet off to Chicago or Austin or wherever to take an eight hour class every day for thirteen weeks. Its just seems so,,, I don't know,, rigged?


So today I decided to try to put together a community of people who are more Stallman like purists about this stuff who would have the ethos, moral code and typical passion for the community as a whole to be willing to pair with people like me on a given subject and devote their own personal time to basically teaching others like me what they need to learn to change their lives and do what they want professionally (which, trust me,, is a life changing thing here for the socially immobile) for basically free. 


No idea how to con these experts in to participating yet or even how to go about launching it. I mean you need users... I picture more of a social community than something like a Khan Academy or Udemy site. Thing is how do you get people to participate? The people in demand are seriously in demand so they can get what they want from other sites who would pay them for the same thing... The people in need dont have the access to pay real money... so that's the first part that has to work. After that, by ranking and rewarding people with some kind of non-profit pool of cash donations (or fruit, whatever) that they get a cut of based on some success metric of the amount of help provided (does that sentence even make sense?) I think the people who want to make a quick buck will naturally be weeded out and we will just have the hardcore guys, like the one guy in the universe who still maintains NTP on his own time.. I want those guys,,,,, teaching people like me how to do what they do. 


Why is this not a thing already?

Alex Kiss

Alex Kiss

Coolest thing I found today

1 min read

If anything was ever dope... this is it.

You owe it a look.


ZeroNet-The dopest thing youll see today

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Alex Kiss

Billy Hoyle

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